Sunday, January 16, 2011

My transformation

The before picture shown below was my breaking point in my bodybuilding career. Looking at myself in the mirror, as rare as I would ever do it, made me feel terrible about myself. I was scrawny & had absolutely no confidence. Today I have never felt better. I am genuinely happy with my body and life & I can thank bodybuilding for that. And guys its true, you will undoubtedly get more women in your life, I know I did.

I sought out and hit the gym hard 5 days a week & read numerous books. I additionally researched online on websites such as, one of the most popular websites in the world for bodybuilding tips, exercises, supplements & motivation. I highly recommend checking this site out too, don't forget to check out their forums, its a huge community where you can get answers in seconds!

To show everyone that my methods have been proven to work here is my before picture and after pictures.

Before: This was taken 1.5 years ago when I began lifting. I was 6ft 125lbs

After: This was taken today, 1/16/11 where I am now at 6ft 175lbs

My strategy with abs is not like most people you see at the gym. You will never see me cranking out hundreds of crunches & doing planks until I am blue in the face. I much rather prefer doing lower rep (8-15) weighted exercises.

In my upcoming blogs I will provide the readers with some of the most useful, concentrated exercises that will have you wanting to not wear your shirt in the coldest of weathers because you look so damn good! I will go into detail of how to hit every muscle in your abdominal region & what exercises are best for them. Say goodbye to wasting your time with traditional crunch exercises that haven't been doing the trick!


  1. Sick vascularity brah.

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  2. For 6ft you sure didn't look like 125lbs. Solid transformation and size/weight ratio. Keep the updates coming, following for later. I'm at:

  3. that is quite the transformation bro. i envy you. following :D